Dr Rob Tinch has 20 years’ experience in environmental and ecological economics.  Rob is Brussels representative and senior consultant with Economics for the Environment Consultancy ltd (UK), senior research associate with Median SCP (Spain) and a director of Environmental Futures Ltd (UK) and Iodine SPRL (Belgium).  He works primarily on European research projects, including BESAFE (with eftec), OPERAs (Iodine), SPIRAL (Median) and CLIMSAVE (as a ‘natural person’).  Projects about to start are IMPRESSIONS (with Iodine) and MIDAS (Median).  Previous projects include HERMIONE and RUBICODE (with Median) and RAPIDO (Environmental Futures).  He also works on shorter projects for a range of UK and international clients, mostly in the public sector. Previously he has worked at the University of East Anglia (1998-2003) as a lecturer in the School of Environmental Sciences, and Senior Research Fellow in the Centre for Social and Economic Research on the Global Environment.

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